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Marilyn Trenchard is a professional photographer with a passion for outdoor landscapes and seascapes.  Her studio is located in White Rock, British Columbia where she has lived for almost 20 years.  Marilyn has been actively  involved in photography for over thirty years and has been a frequent speaker, judge and lecturer at photography seminars, camera clubs, and photography workshops.  Her images have been displayed at numerous exhibitions and featured as cover images for multiple publications. Her sense of adventure and love of nature combined with an artistic eye has enabled her photographs to capture the extraordinary beauty of the natural world and evoke deep emotional responses from those who view her images.

“My focus is on creating dynamic photographs with visual impact emphasizing good composition, the use of lines, shapes, patterns, contrast and the different qualities of light.  I love to capture misty landscape scenes at dawn and the warm, soft colours of dusk.  I have always been intrigued by the rugged beauty of the ocean; the water’s edge provides many opportunities to photograph wildlife, tide pool patterns, sand dunes, the powerful surf and the subtle beauty of driftwood, rocks and grasses.

My goal is to continue the artistic endeavour by using mats and frames that compliment the image.  All my work is custom printed using acid free materials for archival permanence.”


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